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I don’t like winter but I sure like long johns. 



The Buckley sisters mount their horses while wearing the split skirts that photographer Evelyn Cameron introduced to the Terry, Montana, region at the turn of the 19th century.


You can run anywhere you’d like, just tell me you’ll come back.

Grand Tetons, WY / September, 2014


The beautiful woodpile mosaic owls are the work of Gary Tallman, an 82-year-old Montana resident who turns the chore of stacking firewood into an art form. Over the years Tallman has learned the many colors found in various types of cordwood and uses them as his palette.

“Everybody doesn’t notice how many tones in the wood there are,” Marilyn Tallman said of her husband’s eye for the subtleties of wood. “He sees beauty in all kinds of things.”

“Generally speaking, we can find almost all the colors and tones in the woods that we harvest,” Tallman said of his woodpile mosaic. “Except for black,” he confessed. “We don’t have any ebony around here so I do color the ends of some of the black ones. But the others are pretty much just the way they come out of nature.”

Tallman’s ongoing owl theme is based on the birds who live in the trees around his home in Montana’s Little Belt Mountains. Each piece begins with a sketch drawn on graph paper. After first chopping and splitting the wood, Tallman sorts the various hues into separate piles. Then the process of stacking begins. He estimates that it takes him about 20 hours to stack one of his mosaics.

Click here to learn more about Gary Tallman and his firewood mosaics.

[via Bored Panda and the Great Falls Tribune]



Oldest Mask

The oldest mask in the world, around 9000 years old.



(via FARMHOUSE – This Old House | Farmhouse Homes | Pinterest)


How many walkers have you killed?

How many people have you killed?




It’s just a flesh wound.

The single greatest scene in cinematic history.


Katrina/20 something/Virginia

"I'd rather be in some dark holler, where the sun refuse to shine"


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I was probably a barn cat in a past life

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